As of October 31, 2017 Living Well Transitions (LWT) has closed its doors and is no longer serving clients in its program.  For 13 years, LWT served clients in the cultivation of their inherent wisdom and skillful engagement with the world.  If you are searching for a program,  we suggest the following resources:

All Kinds of Therapy

IECA - Independent Educational Consultant Association

NATSAP - National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs

TCA - Therapeutic Consulting Association

YATA - Young Adult Transition Program




Our program offers clients a unique blend of freedom and accountability based on their specific strengths and challenges. LWT helps clients discover what truly matters to them and how to take consistent steps toward those goals and values.

Empowered choices

Through successes and struggles, clients learn to take responsibility for their choices. Each step along the way, they are supported by a team of Masters-level clinicians who help them access intrinsic motivation, overcome obstacles, and learn vital life skills for long-term life satisfaction.

Durable Success

Clients learn how to deal with the real and specific challenges they face in their world, not in an artificially constructed environment. Designed to be the “last program,” LWT focuses on experiential learning and therapeutic gains needed to sustain independence.