Empowering Families: Spring 2017 Parent Workshop Weekend

Written by: Tyson Rittenmeyer, Director of Clinical Services

Our Spring parent weekend workshop was held recently.  The intimate group of parents allowed for a rich conversation that pertained to emerging adulthood and empowered familial communication. 

For the majority of the Friday and Saturday workshop, participants learned the map of experience that most young adults follow during their journey through Living Well Transitions and beyond.  One key factor involving this map is the concept of noticing and the importance of young adults and parents cultivating an internal quality of witness and regularly noticing both their internal and external experiences.  Noticing one’s experience and the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that emerge from it can help open the door to an individual being able to take 100% responsibility for their own experience-even if the experience feels disappointing or unfair. 

Living Well Transitions strives to help young adults and their families reach this point in their own therapeutic development.  Responsibility plays a key role in observing, feeling and communicating from an empowered stance.  This stance views the world as a “workable” place and holds the individual as the creator of their own life.  No matter the situation, if an individual can take 100% responsibility for their own experience they are starting from an empowered place. 

Parents who attended the workshop weekend reported that the ideas and strategies presented throughout the program team directly impact their relationships with their young adult children as they strive to help them individuate and launch into their own adult lives.