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Advantages of Independent Living For Young Adults

Managing the responsibilities of adult life takes time, practice, and support. Living Well Transitions staff is responsive to the needs of our clients and views the maintenance of these responsibilities as fundamental to fostering self-esteem, an increased sense of agency, and ultimately to the clients creation of a successful and fulfilling life. At Living Well Transitions, we believe that providing clients with the opportunity to live independently offers several distinct advantages over traditional residential treatment programs.

By living in their own apartments, young adult clients learn firsthand how to manage the daily tasks of adult life paying bills, budgeting, maintaining an uplifted and age appropriate environment, cooking and cleaning, interacting with landlords and neighbors all with the ongoing support of our clinical staff. Our Therapists tailor transition plans to accommodate each step of a client’s progression to independent living. This quality of therapeutic supervision enables our clients to meet the challenges required of them without becoming overwhelmed while developing self-confidence in their ability to manage adult life.

Another benefit of independent living relates to each client’s ability to create an environment of personal safety and respect. Free from the immediate pressures to conform to a dominant social culture, Living Well clients have more control of who they bring in to their environment and when. For individuals who have had negative social experiences in peer groups, this level of freedom and control is personally liberating and anxiety reducing. Over time, our young adult clients begin to create healthier peer relationships that reflect the dignity and maturity of a life that is chosen.

Finally, our independent living treatment program allows each client to focus on their individual transition plan, and progress at a pace comfortable for them. There are no required activities or pre-set meal times; there is no need to attend group sessions focusing on the needs of others; they are not required to meet a program-wide set of standards for progressing through phases. Every part of the client’s transition plan is geared specifically towards their individual goals and needs, and every client’s transition plan is unique. The independent living model allows each transition plan to be customized specifically to the client - without needing to be limited by facility restrictions, staffing or shift availability, or the needs of the group at large.

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