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Marti Weiskopf Director of Admissions and Marketing, mweiskopf@livingwelltransitions.com
Marti Weiskopf

Marti moved to the beautiful Colorado Rockies from Arizona after her children left for college in 2007. She had spent ten years as a therapist helping struggling teens and adjudicated youth prior to working as Program Manager of Adolescent Services for the Supreme Court of AZ. In 1992 she worked with a team to develop St. Paul's Academy, a successful and nationally recognized therapeutic boarding school, where she remained a dedicated leader for eighteen years. During her tenure at St. Paul's, Marti became a leader in her field, serving on several boards and committees of national and regional organizations, conducting marketing and leadership trainings, and speaking at a number of national conferences sharing her wisdom and insight about providing therapeutic and educational services to special needs and at-risk youth. Marti is excited to have found her way to Living Well Transitions where she is able to continue to develop her love of marketing and connecting with others in the helping- industry field. Marti loves living in the country where, when she is not catching up with one of her daughters, she and her husband take advantage of the great outdoors by spending quality time with their two labradoodles.

ERIN KUDAL Admissions and Marketing Specialist, ekudal@livingwelltransitions.com
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Carl Baccellieri, MA, LPC Executive Director, cbaccellieri@livingwelltransitions.com
Carl Baccellieri Carl Baccellieri completed his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Philosophy at Drew University, and his Master's Degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy at Naropa University. Carl worked with at-risk and adjudicated youth through the Florida Sheriff's Youth Camps to re-pattern harmful behaviors while opening to genuine human relationship. He also provided psychotherapy and career exploration to youth transitioning out of foster care into independent living through Synthesis CPA in Denver, CO. Along the way, Carl has spent over 10 years as an artist and entrepreneur, using both business and life as a laboratory for his studies in life design, personal productivity and intentional living. Carl is especially passionate about uncovering clients' authentic motivations and translating them into inspired life direction. Carl loves being in the wild, practicing yoga and meditation, flying stunt kites with his daughter, and playing his penny whistle, though rarely all at the same time.

Katrina Doumbia Office Manager, kdoumbia@livingwelltransitions.com
Katrina is happy to be part of the support structure for an organization that aligns so well with her belief in the value of mindfulness in everyday life and as an agent of change and personal growth. She graduated from Brown University with a degree in psychology and has lived in Europe and Africa, but her favorite place is still her hometown of Boulder, where she lives with her two teenaged sons. When she’s not spending time with them and supporting them in their various pursuits (soccer, kyudo, badminton, basketball, trail running…and more soccer) she’s dancing, singing, and spending as much time in the mountains as possible.

Dana Goodwin Administrative Assistant/Receptionist, dgoodwin@livingwelltransitions.com
Originally from Washington, D.C., Dana graduated from Naropa University with a degree in Contemplative Psychology with concentrations in Health and Healing and Somatic Psychology. Before Dana started working with Living Well she worked in administrative positions in Colorado and California, including at CU Boulder, Moving to End Sexual Assault, and Northern California’s local PBS station, KVIE. She is thrilled how at Living Well Transitions she can now combine her love for contemplative and mindfulness-based practices with her work life. Dana is also passionate about cooking, dancing, and climbing, hiking, and backpacking in the mountains.


Dan Riggan, MA, LPC Clinical Director, driggan@livingwelltransitions.com
Dan grew up in Berkeley, California. He has a passion for travel and has led wilderness and team building adventures all over the world for youth and adults. In 2002 he moved to Boulder to pursue a MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Wilderness Therapy from Naropa University. After graduating from the inaugural Wilderness Therapy class in 2005, Dan worked for various mental health organizations, treatment centers and wilderness therapy programs throughout the Front Range that focused on supporting adolescents and adults. Dan holds a strong belief that we are all healthy and whole and that especially early life experiences can move us away from our authentic self as we adapt to our surroundings. He is trained in Trauma-Focused CBT, Solution-Focused Therapy, Functional Family Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Attachment-Focused Family Therapy. Dan is particularly curious about how the effects of how the early parental attachment period impacts and drives the behavioral, somatic and emotional challenges later in life. He is absolutely committed to creating an environment that supports the highest level clinical care for all Living Well clients. Dan maintains his own health and balance through physical fitness and is an avid athlete. He can be found playing any sport that involves a ball, especially a basketball or golf ball. Dan’s greatest loves, and what his world truly revolves around is his wife and two vibrant and amazing young daughters.

Tyson S Rittenmeyer, MA, LPC, MT-BC Parent Liaison/Supervising Clinician, trittenmeyer@livingwelltransitions.com

Tyson grew up in west-central Illinois and moved to Colorado in 1997. Tyson has a BA in Psychology from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado and earned his Master's Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Music Therapy from Naropa University. Immediately after graduate school Tyson began working at Living well Transitions as a life skills counselor from 2007 to 2008 and afterwards left to pursue a position as an outpatient therapist in the community mental health system in Fort Collins, Colorado. Tyson has worked in several different clinical settings from the California Department of Corrections to serving as a residential counselor for people with developmental disabilities. Tyson has found his therapeutic stride working from a mindfullness based approach that weaves narrative, creative arts, and dialectical behavioral therapies. Tyson's experience with creative arts therapy and knowledge of Music Therapy allows for natural pathways into the lives of youth in transition.

Lalo Rivera, MA, LPC Parent Liaison/Supervising Clinician, lrivera@livingwelltransitions.com
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Lori Thompson Walsh, MA, LPC Therapist, lwalsh@livingwelltransitions.com

Originally from the Lone Star State, Lori holds a BS in Outdoor Recreation Therapy and Exercise Sport Science from Texas Tech University and a Master's Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. Her diverse experience enables her to take a multifaceted approach in applying evidence-based practices. She worked as a School Resource Officer in the public school system, where she played a proactive role in initiating non-violent communication among students, teachers, and administrators to ensure a more peaceful and productive learning environment. After resettling in Colorado Lori owned and operated Elevation Training, a personal training business focused on the connections between mind, body and soul to achieve ultimate health. Lori has also provided mindfulness-based therapy for individuals within the criminal justice system. Her compassionate approach often draws on the natural world as a source of healing and a means to explore one's true self. When not working, she enjoys CrossFit, cycling, hiking, and camping with her family and dogs.

Katie Markley, MA, LPC Therapist, kmarkley@livingwelltransitions.com
Katie Originally from the Black Hills of South Dakota, Katie completed her B.S. in Fine Art at the University of Oregon. Inspired by a creative and holistic approach to psychotherapy, Katie moved to Boulder where she received her Master's in Transpersonal Art Therapy from Naropa University. She also has intensive training in addictions counseling, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and treating trauma using EMDR and body-centered psychotherapy. Katie describes Art Therapy as a modality that helps her clients gain greater clarity of values and move past areas in their life that feel stuck. She finds making art creates space to be with things in our lives requiring attention: the decision we are afraid to make, the feeling that is hard to name, or the issue that keeps returning. Often times making art can serve as an accurate reflection and acknowledgment of the artist, helping to honor one's unique identity. Katie enjoys working with people from a diversity of backgrounds and cultures, a value derived from her time spent traveling the world, engaging in service projects, and making art. Her clinical background includes counseling work with adopted youth, teens in wilderness settings, and in residential treatment. Katie also uses art therapy and trauma work, in her private practice, to work with adults and families. With her free time, Katie loves being in nature, camping, climbing and adventuring with her dog Luna.

Dylan Rivard, MA, LPC Therapist, drivard@livingwelltransitions.com
Dylan is a Hoosier, meaning he was born and raised in the state of Indiana. He attended Indiana University where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2010, and he is also a graduate of IU's Conservation, Outdoor Recreation, and Education (C.O.R.E.) program. After developing a passion for people and the outdoors through his experience at Farm and Wilderness, a family of summer camps in central Vermont, Dylan moved to Boulder in order to attend Naropa University. In 2013 he received his Master's in Transpersonal Psychology, with a concentration in Wilderness Therapy. During his time in Boulder he has worked at a number of local facilities specializing in mental illness, adolescents, and addictions. The priorities in Dylan's work with clients are connection and contemplation. He seeks to help clients find the unique ways with which they connect to the world; whether that be through nature, spirituality, a creative process, or something else entirely. As the leader of our Mindfulness Group he helps clients develop a greater understanding of their own minds and emotions, all while encouraging a stance of self-compassion and curiosity. In his free time Dylan enjoys cooking, hiking with his two dogs, and spending time in his garden.

John M. Wagner, MS Therapist, jwagner@livingwelltransitions.com
John is a Midwesterner, born in Michigan and brought up in Illinois. After a career in visual arts production working for studios, artists, and museums helping “midwife” artistic projects, John decided to focus his commitment to human development, exploration, and growth through completing a Master’s degree in Couple and Family Therapy at Northern Illinois University. He has worked in variety of settings, including a therapeutic school and community based mental health clinics and agencies working with children, adolescents, families, and adults who are challenged by developmental delays and developmental trauma, issues of substance and process addiction, and the myriad of mental health concerns that seem to face many of us during our life. John employs a range of approaches, all of which center on the basic wholeness and goodness of us all, which we so easily seem to forget, or have never believed in to begin with. He seeks to create an environment in which clients experience their own wholeness and goodness, and recognize ways they can creatively practice working toward more of that freedom. John greatly enjoys cooking, reading of all kinds, meditation, play, and spending time with his lovely wife.

Zach Weinzetl, BA Therapeutic Activities and Community Facilitator, zweinzetl@livingwelltransitions.com
Zach Weinzetl

Prior to joining Living Well Transitions in 2008, Zach worked extensively with teens and families in both wilderness and residential programs supporting clients' individual and family therapies. Through this experience Zach saw the importance of continued support for families and clients after transitioning out of primary care programs. Zach graduated from Naropa University with Bachelor of Arts degree in Contemplative Psychology with a focus on Health and Healing and Transpersonal Psychology. Zach uses his personal connection with and appreciation of nature to help clients engage with their larger world. An avid fly-fisherman, horseback rider, kayaker and rock climber, Zach personally embodies a contemplative approach of integrating mind and body to connect more deeply with people and the environment. Zach has a beautiful daughter that fills his world with joy and occupies most of his free time.

LeAnn Woods, MA Primary Life Skills Counselor, lwoods@livingwelltransitions.com
LeAnn grew up in Iowa and attended Luther College, receiving a BA in Elementary Education. After student teaching in Brussels, Belgium, she was hired on and had the wonderful opportunity of being able to work and travel extensively around Europe. Upon returning to the states, she taught at a Montessori Charter School in Sedona, Arizona for several years. Although she loved Sedona and the desert, her heart brought her to Boulder to pursue a Master's Degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology. This was inspired by her growing interest in how all of our experiences, and particularly how trauma is stored in the body. This began a lifelong exploration of a mind-body-spirit approach to health and wellness. Having experience working with infants through adults has given LeAnn a developmental perspective to her work, along with a patient and playful approach. No matter what age, she feels that genuine presence, compassionate care, and consistent support is foundational. With a Somatic perspective, LeAnn aims to empower clients through greater embodiment and awareness, leading to informed choices and greater freedom. This includes supporting clients to orient inwards, building trust in one's own inner knowing in order to align action and behavior with one's internal compass. LeAnn is passionate and honored to usher others into an adulthood of personal power, purpose, and trust in themselves and their unique path. Outside of Living Well, LeAnn loves to read, hike, run, bike, dance, explore the mountains, and spend time with her dogs, Grace & Bella.

Janelle Skogstad, MA Primary Life Skills Counselor, jskogstad@livingwelltransitions.com
Originally from the rolling plains of eastern South Dakota, Janelle Skogstad completed her B.S. in Psychology with an emphasis in fine art at the University of Sioux Falls, SD. Inspired by the use of blending Psychology and art; Janelle came to Boulder, CO to study Art Therapy. She received her MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology: Art Therapy from Naropa University. Using an art therapy approach consisting of client led sessions Janelle teaches her clients to lead with their own innate wisdom and awareness towards their five senses. She encourages a firsthand experience with curiosity and basic connection with emotional experiences past and present through the combination of art and nature. In sessions with young adults, art collaboration with natural-based materials serves as a nonverbal means of communicating with and through the mirroring and modeling of empathic attunement with the self and nature. Through experiencing the body while engrossed in nature, the emotions associated with crisis can fall away allowing one to be present with one’s senses. She has clinical experience working with various populations and topics: Hospice care, Childhood development, ADHD, teaching art classes, health and nutrition, and nature exploration. She believes a life skills counselor advocates for the client’s needs ensuring that he or she is receiving supportive guidance and tangible experience. Passions include spending time in nature with her dog Lily, cooking and baking, making nature art while hiking and sharing creativity and awareness for nature with clients in order to shape and mold how they view the world.

Aiya Staller, MA Primary Life Skills Counselor, astaller@livingwelltransitions.com
Leah “Aiya,” hails from the Pacific Northwest originally, as she moved to Boulder from Oregon in 2012. She holds a BS in Psychology and Studio Art from Southern Oregon University and completed an MA Transpersonal Counseling Psychology program with an emphasis in art therapy from Naropa University in 2015. Her background includes over 9 years of work in the field, including youth residential counseling, as a co-facilitator for an LGBTQ art therapy group, advocacy at a sexual assault victim services crisis center, overseas work in Cambodia with survivors of domestic violence & sex/human trafficking, and clinical counseling through an urban mental health counseling center in Denver, CO. She brings with her a strong belief and understanding in the inherent wisdom and resiliency present in clients. As a Life Skills Counselor at Living Well she is excited to be part of a collaborative process with clients who are seeking to develop and sustain lives they wish to live. She sees this creative process as one of both nourishing internal strengths as well as working with limitations and blocks that prevent accessing these internal resources. She knows from both personal and professional experience that places of deep acceptance and witnessing can create room for clients and communities to both heal and grow.

Alexander Antonucci, MA Life Skills Counselor, aantonucci@livingwelltransitions.com
After receiving his BA in Psychology from Florida Atlantic University Alex headed out to Boulder to enroll in Naropa University's MA Transpersonal Counseling Psychology program. He is currently in his final year and anticipating graduation in May 2015. Alex first started his work with Living Well Transitions in 2013 as a practicum student through Naropa University. He has clinical experience working with children, adolescents, young adults, adults, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Alex also has extensive background in nutrition, exercise, and neurobiology. His therapeutic orientation stems from a combination of Gestalt Therapy, mindfulness, nonviolent communication and humanistic approaches. Life is full of heart breaks. Alex works with clients in developing the courage it takes to accept and welcome pain; an approach that will ultimately empower clients set them free. Alex mainly serves as a lifestyle counselor with Living Well Transitions - helping new clients assess where they are, what their goals are, and how exactly they plan to achieve them. In his free time Alex loves to cook, sing, make music, and be outside.

Krystal Mairs, MA Life Skills Counselor, kmairs@livingwelltransitions.com
Krystel received her BA in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin in 2005. Since her passion for psychology and art remained strong through the years, she went back to school to receive her MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology: Art Therapy from Naropa University in 2015. Krystel strives to journey in relationship with her clients towards self-exploration and self-expression. She assists clients through life transitions, grief and loss, relationship issues, and career counseling. She loves helping others pursue a healthy lifestyle through a holistic lens that values mind, body, and spirit. Krystel believes in providing empathic support and a focus on strengths and values to provide her clients the perspective they need to follow their life path. Krystel utilizes mindfulness and art therapy to provide a creative outlet and connection to inner emotions. In her free time, Krystel enjoys painting, swimming, singing, dancing, as well as traveling, hiking and just plain hanging out with her husband and her dog.

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